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Ryan Anderson

Later on after music quickly became his addiction, he started to write his own lyrics and recorded it with a karaoke machine onto a tape cassette. 

At eighteen years of age, Ryan began to learn how to play guitar. He learned all on his own. It was at this time when he recorded his very first song titled “Fathers Love”, which received air play on a local radio station in Campbellford Ontario. 


Ryan's spark and drive and love for his music only grew stronger as he continued to search for new opportunities. 

Eventually Ryan got a taste for his own style. Ryan held onto his old country roots but then added the flare of new Country Rock as well, making him truly unique in his talent. 

“I love music and to me it's more than just songs. Writing and performing keeps all of life's stress to a minimum. I have wanted this for as long as I can remember. The feeling of success and people that can relate to my music, gives me an unforgettable feeling and fuels my drive to keep going”.


During a point in Ryan's life when he was experiencing a rough go, he was feeling discouraged and almost gave up on his music…. Then along came Robert Treverton, owner of “Road Worn Entertainment”. 

Robert gave Ryan a chance to progress and provided him with an opportunity to advance with his music. 

It was at this time that Ryan's spark was reignited. 


After only three months of following Robert Treverton’s direction, Ryan's showmanship greatly improved. 

Ryan's first performance as a Canadian Country Music Recording Artist was with Road Worn Entertainment, held at the Barley Pub in Madoc Ontario. 


After being a solo artist for about a year, Ryan put together his first band called “TrainwreckX” and had lots of success. 

Two years later, Ryan jumped back into performing as a solo artist in order to free up more time for his family life. 


Today, Ryan Anderson is very excited for what is to come in his future as a Canadian Country Music Recording Artist. 


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