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Photos of Monty from 2019 The Music Expo!


MOnty Greig

For 20 years, Monty Greig has been singing and entertaining audiences all over Ontario. Once the lead singer for the popular 80’s-style Rock & Roll band “One Night Stand”, he served as the show opener for Canadian rockers “Trooper” and for 60’s legends “Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show”. Even though Rock & Roll was his first love, Monty was eager to dive into something new and challenging. While working in Las Vegas, the whole “rat pack" style of music and entertaining lured him in. Upon arriving home, he started his journey into jazz standards and has never looked back.


For the past five years he has been pleasing audiences by bringing to life his “crooner show" and breathing new life into classic jazz  standards from the best in the business. As a high energy entertainer and a soulful singer, Monty has the ability to bring a crowd to their feet and have them dancing the night away. His self-titled jazz standards demo “Monty” made its way to several small radio stations around Ontario back in 2010. It seems that almost ever year since that release he has reached a new career milestone. In 2012 he released “I’m Gonna Live Until I Die” which featured two original tracks and was subsequently picked up by many more radio stations across Canada via DMDS. It was November 2013 when Monty released his third album, “Winter Wonderland”, through networking efforts and DMDS. He was able to have this album picked up by even more stations in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

In early 2014 Monty teamed up with Mark Zubek to help bring his original music to fruition. The first song "I Just Want to Dance" was created with the funding help of the FACTOR demo grant. With this first single, the duo landed licensing agreements with MUSIC OF THE SEA INC, ZILAH PUBLISHING and HD MUSIC NOW. It was also chosen as the theme song for the hit TV show “Donny!” on the USA Network! Furthermore, through promotion efforts many jazz and adult contemporary stations have picked up the single across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, which prompted new performance opportunities in Poland. Due to the success of these singles, Monty was able to market two of his earlier albums on iTunes,Amazon and many other media outlets. The albums continue to sell steadily at home and abroad. With over 300 exciting live performances under his belt in just the last few years, Monty has developed a respectable social media following with over 40,000 followers and loyal fans, and the numbers keep climbing.


In addition to his rising popularity, in 2017 he was nominated for his second TIMA award for Jazz Artist of the Year and his song “I Just Want to Dance” was once again picked up for sync placement, this time on the Anthony Patch Show. Thanks to the generosity of the Ontario Arts Council, Monty will fulfill his goal in 2018 to make his fifth full-length album of original jazz material with hit songwriter/producer Mark Zubek (Grammy winner Betty Carter) and with The Joe Lucchetta Jazz Band backing him up, he’s gearing up for a fantastic year of unforgettable live performances! He

also has a music video in the pipeline for one of his new singles, so it’s pretty clear this loveable crooner has no plans

on slowing down any time soon!

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