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We Want To Support You During Covid-19

We'd like to give you a platform to exhibit and promote your products and services that you'd like to share with music fans and/or musicians at the 2020 Virtual Canadian Music Expo. 

All at NO COST to you!

As such, we are proud to announce The 2020 Canadian Virtual Music Expo! 

Happening Saturday, August 15th, from 11:00am - 2:00pm EST. 

It's our annual Music Expo that you've come to love, just online! Presented by

All new with cool features, interactive with musicians, new releases, networking options and much more.

We can offer you a booth at the event and here’s what we need from you as well as your options:

A Virtual Booth in the "Expo" Area

You have two options. The sooner you send us the required information noted below the earlier we can promote you.



For this option, you can just leave a video of your presentation at your “Booth” and nothing more – you don’t even have to be at the event during the day. If you choose this option you MUST have a video available on YouTube, vimeo, or Wistia, and we would need all of the following (anything missing will not be processed):


For you to first visit, click on the 2020 Canadian Virtual Music Expo link on the left, register for a Musician ticket (no cost) and create a profile.

Thereafter, you would need to send us an email to with ALL of the following information (any incomplete submissions will not be processed):


  • Your name

  • Preferred email address for us to communicate with you

  • Your phone number (cell preferable)

  • Something about yourself/your band

  • Links to any social media that you have (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram)

  • Links to any website you have (optional)

  • Your Company/Organization Name

  • Your Organization Headline – something short to be used to grab someone’s attention

  • An About section - something more about your organization, etc.

  • A description of any discounts on merch or anything else that you’re selling – e.g. 10% discount for all 2020 Canadian Virtual Music Expo attendees by using code #BANDNAME

  • The link to your YouTube, vimeo, or Wistia video (this is mandatory) – only one video allowed and this can’t be linked to a YouTube, vimeo, or Wistia channel

  • Your twitter account (if you have one)

  • A link to your website (optional)

  • Your logo (mandatory) – could be a picture of your organization, you, etc.

  • A background image – could be the same as Your logo above

  • With this option, you can also chat by text box with visitors to your booth

  • For a video of what your booth would look like to attendees click HERE.



    • For this option, we need all of the items noted in A. above except for the delete (YouTube) video.

    • A laptop/notebook computer is recommended for this option, not a phone, for better quality and better site navigation with visitors to your booth

    • In this option, you would be expected to be at your “booth” for the entire event so people can visit your booth and chat with you live during the show’s hours (from 11 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. EST – that’s Toronto time)

    • With this option, visitors to your booth/attendees can/will also chat with you through a chat box when you can’t be visible on video chat

    • For a video of what your booth can look like to attendees click HERE.


For more information about other sponsorship and exhibitor options please email

Please reach out to us at to learn how you can participate in the event!

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